Why Do Something Different?

By Peter Markush

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[Note: This is a rough demo recording using mostly first takes just to get my ideas across. I plan to carefully re-record the vocals and guitar and do some meticulous editing and mixing.]

Chorus 1:

Why do something different
When you could do the same old thing?
Why stand like a giant
When you could live in shrinking skin?
Why think like a genius
When you could do pro wrestling?

Why be controversial
When you could just be tan and thin?
Why live your life boldly
When you could have ten thousand friends?
Why stop acting beastly
When you get so much action?

Verse 1:

I knew a guy
Had a radical idea
That if we love ourselves enough
That we just might stop fighting
Then he got the chance
To make a lot of dough
So he went for the money

I had a friend
A gifted politician
She made a deal
To help her get elected
Now she's in the pockets
Of corporate interests far and wide
She got addicted to power

Chorus 1

Verse 2:

A preacher reached out
To leaders of other faiths
She made a splash
But her church was still struggling
The bishop offered to help
If she gave his god a monopoly
So she went for the glory

I had a friend
Who found a cure for cancer
That involved an ancient Chinese breathing technique
Then the big pharmaceuticals
Paid him to keep quiet
Now that's on his conscience

Chorus 2:

Why do something different?
Because you deserve it!
Why do something different?
Because humanity needs it!
Why do something different?
Because it's fun!

Let's do something different!
Let's do something different!
Let's do something different!
Let's make a difference!


We have a choice
We have a voice
We have to answer to each other

So take my hand
Let's take a stand
We can make a difference together

Chorus 2

Verse 3:

You have the chance
To change the dominant paradigm
To love yourself
Develop a sense of agency
You may find
Compassion for your enemy
Will transform you

So take a risk
Your heart is calling out for this
Do what your love
Our survival depends on this
You may not believe me
But I will swear my life on this
Your life has meaning

Chorus 2

Chorus 2