by Peter Markush

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[Note: this is another old song that has been repurposed.]

Verse 1:

Sometimes I want to be home
And to know where that is
Just to come home and be there
Just to come home and be me

Sometimes words are hard
Hard for me, hard to say
Hard to say how I feel
Hard to say what I’m feeling

Sometimes I think back
Sometimes I look forward
Sometimes I get scared
Sometimes I get so scared

Instrumental break

Verse 2:

Songs of flying away
You might think I’m singing
You might think this is a song

I’m tired of love, tired of treachery
I’m tired of friends fighting friends
All I want is peace of mind
All I want is to unwind

Instrumental break

Verse 3:

Sometimes things get crazy
Sometimes they get out of hand
Sometimes I get angry
Sometimes I get so fuckin’ mad

All I want is to like my life
All I want is a chance
All I want is to make history
All I want is to unwind



Verse 2 (spoken)